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To Stay Rooted in Practice, Promise and People


We craft for our community, providing a space for those that work hard & play hard to get away and have the best damn beer we can craft.

We started with a dream to make traditional craft beer and build a community under the roof of a 1945 aviation supply warehouse.

Four years of digging in, hundreds of volunteer hours and copious amounts of sweat equity later, Walking Tree Brewery was brought to life.

We have nailed medals in Best Florida Beers and the Great American Beer Festival right out of the gate.

You guys love our locally brewed craft beers. And we are having a great time bringing you our Craft Brews.


From backyard home brewers bored at their jobs, to having a blast brewing nationally recognized independent craft beers.

It took four years of hard work and a lot of lessons from the school of hard knocks. Perseverance and a devotion to quality liquid while having fun doing it, not only made everyone here happy, but make our customers happy.

Finding a place to unwind and escape the mundane, retreat from an overstimulated world and be yourself can be difficult, but that is what we do best!


With true to style classic and traditional beers, don't expect complication. Expect everyday people, enjoying everyday beers.

We were bored. Bored of our chosen professions. Bored of life, –but we were really good home brewers. We loved beer and making it and thought that if we could bring joy to our lives with brewing why couldn't we do that for other people? So we did.

We escaped the mundane boredom of our professional world to enter a life of hard friggin' work and good times to bring happiness through drink to ourselves and our community.

Now everyone can come to Walking Tree, escape whatever their mundane might be, unwind, have a beer & fun with us.


The Who’s Who of WTB


Mike Malone

Co-Founder, President & Head Brewer


Brooke Malone

Creative Director


Amanda Martin

Tasting Room Manager & Event Coordinator


Daniel Rey

Director of Sales & Marketing

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